Domain Registration Information

If you use, a new sub-domain will be created (ex: For permanent installations, you can use your own domain or sub-domain. More info below.

If you want to use your own domain name, you must register one first with any of the registrars like iPage, MyDomain or GoDaddy. The cost is usually between $4.99 and $15 anually.

Once you have a domain registered, you will need to point it to the host ip address that you will use for a specific website you are creating. If you choose to use hosting from the registrar you registered your domain with, you probably won't need to do anything else. You have an option to create sub-domains to host completely different website content. In this case, you can also point those sub-domains to different IP addresses who offer web hosting. The Suite Organizer can be seen as an alternate hosting option that hosts an application allowing you to point your sub-domain to its web server. The following is a step-by-step on how it works.

Ex: Your domain name is Your main website will be and, unless you choose otherwise, everyone can see it. Using a sub-domain , like, you can create a whole new website consisting of photos.

From the Suite Organizer, you will be able to create websites with the option of using your own domains or sub-domains. In this case, for each domain or sub-domain, you will need to add the domain or sub-domain to your registrar and point it to via a DNS "A" record. Your registrar will have instructions on how to add DNS records. If you choose to create websites using the domain, your subdomains will be [your-chosen-name]